Development Solutions

Garfield Public Private’s development solutions are tailored to overcome impediments to the delivery of essential facilities. We know how to win the cooperation of private land owners whose properties need to be assembled for a needed public development. We employ “turnkey” contract solutions to:

  • Fast track facility delivery
  • Enable best-value team selection
  • Mitigate client contractual risk
  • Ensure on-time, on-budget delivery of high-quality facilities

Many of our developments involve consolidation of governmental space from high-cost space leased in multiple private buildings into new, low-cost, efficient Class A space conducive to employee health and productivity.  Key skills also include maximizing site potential, phasing strategies to minimize disruption, and smart planning for future development or expansion.  Garfield Public Private has the strategies and experience necessary to overcome any potential development challenges a client may face.

Economic Impact

Virtually all of Garfield Public Private’s public and public/private developments are models of central business district and downtown core redevelopment, as catalysts for substantial direct and indirect fiscal and economic benefits to the communities that they support and enhance.  Job creation and increased tourism dollars associated with these developments have stimulated private sector investment in providing goods and services to serve the induced demand, growing the economy of the entire community and enhancing its quality of life.

Careful planning can maximize the capacity of a development, in the context of other area attractions, to be a magnet for new dollars from outside of a community.  Synergies include not just the development’s relationship to other attractions but establishment of a critical mass and brand for a community as a destination for culture, lifestyle, recreation, employment and residence.  Smart public investment in community infrastructure encourages area commerce, increasing sales and use taxes and commercial property values and reducing reliance on residential property taxes.