Danny J. Bakewell, Sr. (Fremont) Primary Center

Danny J. Bakewell, Sr. (Fremont) Primary Center

One of seven schools, a park and recreation center developed for the Los Angeles Unified School District’s as part of its plan to reduce overcrowding in area schools, Fremont Primary Center was designed by The Steinburg Group.

This 16-classroom school housing 380 students and staff is constructed over a subterranean 40-car parking garage. The subterranean garage for staff and teachers provides precious playground space for an urban school district with limited available land.

Developed under the Education Code 17406 Lease/Leaseback program, Garfield’s innovative financing plan provided the District with the most advantageous capital structure while enabling development team selection based on best value rather than lowest bid.

The eight developments were managed concurrently in eight locations with eight distinct designs by eight separate architects, including interface with eight owner representatives, eight separate builder project staffs and more than 200 subcontractors.

The Developer’s experience and expertise ensured ultimate success of this highly visible and important project in LAUSD’s building program.  They did a superb job.

— Jim Cowell, Deputy, Chief Facilities Executive, Los Angeles Unified School District (2004 – 2007)